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  1. Barak says:

    you are doing a great job with waze porting !!!
    since it is already working on wp7, would it be possible to compile it for desktop windows ?
    thank you !

  2. Barak says:

    thanks for the quick reply, im trying to integrate waze into car-pc running on windows, have already tried android emulator – horribly slow, windows mobile emulator – all the resolution is screwed up and slow, and then ran into your port.
    i assumed that with WP7 port ready, compiling it for windows would be a (relatively) simple task of recompiling with the right libraries (is it ? )
    i’ll take a look at the symbian source.
    thank you !

  3. CarlosP says:

    Hi, just a quick question, could this app be available at the marketplace?

  4. Meir Tsvi says:

    Maybe this is why they converted it to closed source code for iPhone and Android

  5. Itay Levin says:

    Is there any way to install waze without an unlocked/developers phone?

  6. Robin says:

    Hello. Can you fix the Problem that the Sound of Lg e900 goes?

  7. Vlad says:

    Hello Meir,
    Thanks a lot for your enthusiastic work ! Waze is clearly the most missing app on WP7 marketplace. so having found your project I am anxious to try it out. Just wanted to clarify basics : my WP7 is dev locked, so if I Chevron unlock my Omnia7 (which is on Tango 8773 version), will it be enough to install your app ? or will it require some more software purchase just to be able to install it ?
    Today Chevron sells tokens officially for 9$ so it’s a small pay for getting this in.

    Also, I was looking for detailed instructions for installing your app (already downloaded) after I get my phone unlocked … assume you have them somewhere on the site, I just did not find it.

    Thanks in advance
    – Vlad

  8. Vlad says:

    Thank you

  9. Rick says:

    As of a couple days ago, the maps stopped rendering on the latest version. It still shows other wazers and hazards and such, but not the underlying maps… In Ohio, USA. Sprint HTC Arrive running a custom firmware from leadpoizon.

  10. היי מאיר. רציתי לדעת אם יש אפשרות להתקין את מה שעשית על מכשירי הוייןפון8 החדשים?

    • Meir Tsvi says:

      ראיתי שמישהו ניסה ולא הצליח לכן אני מניח שהגרסה כמו שהיא לא תעבוד.

      • Yevgeni says:

        I have tried and succeed , but when I run it as stand alone and not on the debugger I get a connection error: “Network Connection is not available” . Wher can I check it in the code? I run it on HTC 8X.

      • Meir Tsvi says:

        WP7.5 apps cannot be executed on WP8 without converting them using some cloud service. Since this is unofficial version I don’t think it will be possible to use this service.

    • Meir Tsvi says:

      Check out the latest version on the downloads page. It is fixed there.

  11. Yevgeni says:

    But its working on my wp8. The only issue is the connectivity.

  12. היי צבי.
    יש בידי לומיה 920, איך מתקינים את הקובץ? ניסיתי להוריד ישירות למכשיר, וזה לא נתן לי להתקין.

    • Meir Tsvi says:

      you will need dev license in order to install the XAP file. Once you have dev license, install the SDK and use the deployment tool to install the XAP.

  13. Jay says:

    I have created WAV files for Spanish voice guidance. Can I include them in XAP file? I tried to compile but failed … maybe I coud send WAVs to you so you add Spanish support 🙂

    • Meir Tsvi says:

      Please let me know what didn’t work during the compilation. If it complains on missing font, simply find the two ttf files inside the code and install them, then restart visual studio and compile.

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