Waze for WP7 – Hebrew support – finally

This post assumes you installed some package that provides you with Hebrew support.

I got to the point where I had just about enough time to finally debug the hebrew issues and motivation to do it as some of the addresses I typed recently were hard to translate.

Turns out that my code worked semi ASCII and semi UTF-8. In some places of the code I translated string to its ASCII chars (ignoring completely from chars above 128) and in some other I was good citizen and converted C# string to UTF-8 before returning them to C (now MSIL) code.

After 2 hours of struggling with buffers, ASCII and UTF-8 I’m now able to enter the navigation address in Hebrew using Native Keyboard integration.

Note that if you want to enter numbers as part of the address, just type them as you would in PC e.g. for “שנקר 13 הרצליה” enter “הילצרה 13 רקנש”.

Get the version in:



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