Hello world!


I’m Meir Tsvi and my hobby as well as full time job is computers. I’m technology enthusiastic and like to spend all of the time i don’t have (with two children) on life hacking.

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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Moran says:

    Meir, my name is Moran and I’m an Israeli living abrode, I see all your waze information and was wondering if there is a way for me to install waze on a Mio C250 ? I got one which I bought long time ago, but the maps on it are old and I don’t know how to get new maps and was thinking Waze could solve my problem but have no idea how to do so … any chance you can give me some hints ?

    • Meir Tsvi says:

      There is no way to install my version on mio. I don’t think the official version of waze can be installed either but I suggest you post a question in their forum.

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