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Waze for WP7 – Deep dive into Cibyl

On my last post I introduced Cibyl as the tool I’m going to use for converting Waze to C#. Before talking about C#, let’s first learn how Cibyl converts C/C++ code to Java. Let’s take the following simple program and see … Continue reading

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Waze for WP7 – the journey begins

As Microsoft employee you are entitled to get Windows Phone device. As a happy owner of iPhone I wanted to have similar experience and tools before moving to different device. What i need before converting: 1. Hebrew support – there … Continue reading

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Game AI experiments

Have you ever had a dream to build a game AI? Real sophisticated one? Did you wish you had all the other stuff (graphics, sound and runtime) ready so you can focus solely on AI code? Now you can! Warzone … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hi, I’m Meir Tsvi and my hobby as well as full time job is computers. I’m technology enthusiastic and like to spend all of the time i don’t have (with two children) on life hacking.

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